Mikaleno's Guitar Setups

"King of the $100. Setup!"

That's me in '66, i've already been taking lessons for a year at this point. I loved the guitar more than anything and seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan just cemented that! In the '70s I remember getting my new Les Paul set-up at our local music shop. There was an old guy who was written up in our paper for great work. My guitar was buzzing and fretting out so I told the guy what was wrong. When I got the guitar back the frets were just milled flat and not shaped at all and he over charged me too! I was very unimpressed and vowed that I would never treat anyone like that no matter what. Over the years I had my guitars worked on and was never very impressed. They either took too long or charged too much or the work was barely done. I had had it and started doing my own repairs in the '70s. In the 80s-90s I worked for Demeter Amps, Bogner Amps, Matchless Amps, Fulltone & Robert Cauer Violin shop. Working in the industry gave me the skills and experience.

So in 2010 I went Pro and started my own repair shop, with the mission statement: Great work, friendly service, super fast turn around times & great rates!

Experience and love for our instruments is what you need in your Setup. Giving you more value for your dollar is what sets me apart from the others.